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CARCO Insurance Inspections

CARCO Insurance Inspections in Staten Island, NY

Have you just experienced a collision or recovered your vehicle from theft? Before you file a claim with your insurance company, a pre-insurance inspection is an essential component in the claims process. Pre-insurance inspections were designed to curb the rise in prices of automotive insurance while preventing fraudulent insurance claims.

At Goodyear Kem Auto Center, we partner with CARCO to provide pre-insurance inspections to customers in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, NY.

The Origin of Pre-Insurance Inspections

In 1977, New York State passed a law requiring motorists with physical damage insurance coverage to seek a pre-insurance inspection, which includes:

  • VIN Verification
  • Vehicle Options and Accessories
  • Description of Vehicle Damage
  • Photographs of EPA Sticker
  • Photographs of the Vehicle

Ultimately, the law was designed to keep insurance premiums as low as possible for the insured.


  • CARCO is the leader in vehicle pre-insurance inspection services in the United States.
  • The company has 36 years of experience and 50 million inspection reports issued.
  • CARCO inspection sites feature the latest technology and efficient inspection procedures.

Why Goodyear Kem Auto Center for Pre-Insurance Inspections?

As an official CARCO Vehicle Inspection Site, Goodyear Kem Auto Center is able to perform and process pre-insurance inspections in a timely fashion. The aim of our inspection process is to document that the insured vehicle actually exists, and to verify its current condition before an insurance company can issue a claim or new policy. The pre-inspection process involves two quick stages consisting of a vehicle inspection and photo documentation.

If you plan on purchasing a new insurance policy or filing a claim for a recent accident or collision, a pre-inspection is a must.

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